Academic Catalog

Attendance Policy


Students are expected to attend all classes. Class attendance is directly related to a student’s performance, and performance is enhanced by class attendance.

Students who anticipate an absence due to official co-curricular participation should consult with the professor in advance and, if possible, complete any scheduled work in advance of the absence. Faculty or others in charge of a co-curricular activity will provide the faculty with a list of students participating prior to any activity that would remove students from classes.

All faculty are required to include an attendance policy in each course syllabus. In addition, faculty will record the absences of students in all classes. Whenever a student does not attend class in accordance with the attendance policy recorded in the syllabus, the professor will take appropriate action. The nature of the action should relate to the excessiveness of the absenteeism. Any student who misses 1/3 or more of the scheduled meetings of a class may fail the course.

As much as possible, official school functions that require student participation should not be scheduled as to require absence from classes. No official co-curricular participation may be scheduled during the final exam period.


Students are expected to attend all classes.   For online students to be counted present in an online course, students must participate in weekly activities such as posting in forums and completing assignments. Students who participate in a graded discussion or submit a graded assignment within the appropriate course week are counted present for that week. The week is measured from the day the class starts through the 7-day week (usually Tuesday through Monday).