Academic Catalog

Mid-Point and Exit Assessments

All degree seeking students must participate in the mid-point and exit assessment processes. The mid- point process is conducted near the middle of the academic program and the exit assessment is typically conducted in the final semester of a student’s program.

The processes are initiated by the academic office and engage the student along with the student’s academic advisor, academic dean and practicum/internship faculty advisor. The purpose is to review the student’s academic performance, student learning portfolio and overall progress in vocational readiness. Specifically, the team considers the student’s progress in disciplinary knowledge and skill (academic performance); faith commitment and personal maturity (Christian character); and progress made in attaining the student learning outcomes associated with the particular degree (learning, development and vocational readiness where applicable). At the conclusion of the review process, one of three judgments is rendered by the review team and presented to the student in written form. The range of judgments includes the following:

  1. Affirm progress toward vocational readiness;
  2. Affirm with reservations progress toward vocational readiness; or
  3. Does not affirm progress toward vocational readiness.

The assessment team engages the student in developing and implementing a growth plan when the second or third judgments are reached in the mid-point process.