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Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit

  • Applicants who are transferring from other colleges are required to have a transcript sent directly to the Admissions Office at Cornerstone University from all colleges previously attended. This is a condition for admission.
  • The evaluation of foreign educational credentials for possible transfer credit to Cornerstone University must be evaluated by an outside agency. The student is responsible for following the procedure required by the agency and for paying the required fees. Cornerstone recommends the following agency:

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
P.O. Box 514070
Milwaukee, WI 53203-3470
Phone: (414) 289-3400
Fax: (414) 289-3411

  • Cornerstone University will accept transfer credit from the following types of institutions:
  1. All regionally accredited institutions.
  2. All Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges institutions.
  3. All Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) institutions.
  4. All Association of Theological Schools (ATS) institutions.
  5. Non-accredited institutions, if those institutions supply three letters of acceptance from regionally accredited institutions (directly to the Registrar’s Office).
  6. These institutions, due to the nature of their relationship with Cornerstone University: Bob Jones University, Spurgeon Baptist Bible College and Word of Life Bible Institute, since they have not met the above stated requirements.
  7. Technical and vocational institutions in the area of liberal arts course work; however, other credits may be accepted in consultation with academic deans.
  • Students planning to take courses at other institutions to apply to their degree program at Cornerstone University should contact the Registrar’s Office to verify the acceptance of these courses.
  • Students may transfer up to 75% of their degree.
  • Transfer credit will not be given for remedial or non-college level work.  
  • Bible/religion/ministry courses taken at CCCU, ABHE or Cornerstone-approved institutions may count toward specific graduation requirements.  Non-CCCU/ABHE approved credit may be used toward general electives.
  • Transfer credit must meet the minimum grade requirements below:
    • C- or higher for undergraduate and graduate (non-seminary) students. 
    • C or higher for seminary students
    • B or higher for EdD students
  • Appropriate graduate-level courses may be accepted into the EdD program only if completed within 5 years of the date of admission to Cornerstone.  All other graduate programs (non-seminary) require completion of the course within seven years of admission to Cornerstone.
  • Students pursuing the MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, who wish to transfer credits, must submit a course syllabus for review by CU faculty.  The courses must be at least 3 credits, with a grade of B or higher.   The following courses must be taken at Cornerstone:  COU-503, COU-610, COU-612, COU-782, COU-784, COU-785
  • GPA does not transfer with the credit transferred. Some transfer credits may not necessarily apply toward a particular degree program. 
  • Physical and biological science courses without labs are transferable, but a lab must be completed to satisfy departmental requirements for courses that contain labs.
  • Credit transferred from schools that are on a quarter system will be transferred as .66 (2/3) semester hours for every quarter hour.
  • The minimum hours to be taken at CU to be eligible for graduation honors is 60 for Bachelor degrees and 32 for Associate degrees.
  • The Social Work Program may accept a maximum of 18 hours (the equivalent of a minor) for courses completed with a grade of C or better at a CSWE-accredited BSW program. Students wanting to transfer specific SW courses must provide copies of the syllabi as well as verification of the courses taken.  Field practicum courses are not transferable and must be taken in residence.  Grades received in courses for which transfer credit is granted will not be included in the computation of a student's grade point average.  Students must also complete the Application for Admission to the Social Work Program.
  • Students pursuing the BSN degree must take all NUR courses at Cornerstone.
  • The following courses cannot be transferred into the Ed.D.:


A maximum of 40 technical hours may be transferred.


Military transcripts are received through the Joint Services Transcript website at

ATTN: JST Operations Center N615
6490 Saufley Field Road
Pensacola, FL 32509


A maximum of 62 semester hours (including technical hours) may be transferred from an accredited nursing program.