Academic Catalog

Spouse Benefit

The spouse educational benefit is intended to provide spouses of CTS students with opportunities to participate in the theological educational experience in order to promote a shared pilgrimage of growth and learning. The spouse of a CTS student, regardless of prior academic record, is entitled to one free audit class for every 12 semester hours accumulated and/or enrolled by the degree-seeking student. The benefit is limited to one free audit course per semester and a maximum of four free audit courses per individual. This audit opportunity provides for class attendance only; course work will not be submitted or graded, and there will be no official academic record.The benefit does not extend to online courses and is not financially applicable to courses taken for credit. These courses may be taken during or immediately following any semester in which the degree-seeking student is enrolled.

Each participating spouse is required to process a spouse benefit form with the CTS Academic Office in advance of each semester of audit enrollment.

In addition, each participating spouse is required to submit a non-degree application to Admissions.