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Faculty Emeriti

Faculty Emeriti

Retired faculty members who have given particularly meritorious service to Cornerstone University are recognized by the “emeritus” designation. This status is neither automatic nor institutionally obligatory and, as such, is one of the university’s highest academic honors, granted only by the university’s Board of Trustees.

Emeritus status is based on consideration of the following factors:

  • Recognition for meritorious teaching excellence and exemplary integration of a Christian worldview with one’s discipline and development of students’ leadership skills
  • Christian impact and reputation
  • Contribution to the development of students
  • Contribution to the discipline and profession, particularly scholarship
  • Rank of professor or associate professor
  • A minimum of 10 years of service at the institution

Abuhl, Ralph (1963-1996), Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Social Work; B.A. (1960), Grace College; M.A. (1962), Wheaton College; M.A. (1967), Ph.D. (1978), Michigan State University; M.S.W. (1990), Grand Valley State University

Baker, Gloria (1973-2004), Emerita Associate Professor of Kinesiology; B.S. (1960), Wheaton College; B.R.E. (1976), Grand Rapids Baptist College; M.A. (1965), Michigan State University; Ed.S. (1985), Central Michigan University

Bennett, Byard (2002-2016), Emeritus Professor of Historical and Philosophical Theology; B.A. (1985), M.Div. (1988), Duke University; Ph.D. (1997) St. Michael's College, University of Toronto

Bos, Lawrence (1970-2016), Emeritus Professor of Business; B.A. (1970), Michigan State University; M.B.A. (1974), Michigan State University

Brew, William (1973-2006), Emeritus Associate Professor of Bible; B.A. (1959), Bryan College; M.A. (1963), Dallas Theological Seminary

Cole, Dwayne (1978-2005), Emeritus Professor of History; B.A. (1961), Northwestern College; M.A. (1964), University of Minnesota; Ph.D. (1973), St. Louis University

Fabisch, Judith (1983-2010), Emerita Professor of English ; B.A.  (1977), Cornerstone University; M.A. (1984) Western Michigan University; Ph.D. (1991) Michigan State University.

Galloway, Orpha (1977-2001), Emerita Professor of Music; B.F.A. (1954); M.M. (1954), University of South Dakota; D.M.A. (1986), Michigan State University

Gates, Raymond (1978-2019), Emeritus Professor of Biology; B.A (1973), Spring Arbor College; M.S. (1976), Central Michigan University 

Good, Gregory (1975-2006), Emeritus Associate Professor of Music; B.Mus. (1970), Eastman School of Music; M.M. (1972), Eastman School of Music

Kennedy, David (1980-2014), Emeritus Professor of Old Testament; B.A. (1967), University of Texas at Austin; Th.M. (1971), Dallas Theological Seminary

King, Brenda (1976-2020), Emerita Professor of Sociology; B.A. (1970), Wilson College; M.R.E (1972), Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary; M.A. (1982), Western Michigan University; Ph.D. (2002), Western Michigan University 

Lawlor, John (1999-2014), Emeritus Professor of Old Testament; B.A. (1963), Cedarville College; M.Div. (1966), Th.M. (1969), Grace Theological Seminary; M.Phil. (1987), Ph.D. (1990), Drew University

Mayers, Ronald (1969-2007), Emeritus Professor of Religion; Th.B. (1964), Baptist Bible Seminary; B.A. (1965), State University of New York; M.A. (1967), Syracuse University; Ph.D. (1972), Syracuse University; Th.M. (1973), Western Theological Seminary

Meadors, Gary (1995-2015), Emeritus Professor of New Testament; B.Th. (1973), Piedmont Baptist College; M.Div. (1976), M.Th. (1979), D.Th. (1983), Grace Theological Seminary

Stewart, Richard (1969-2007), Emeritus Professor of Music; B.Mus. (1965), Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music; M.M. (1967), Union Theological Seminary; Ph.D. (1985), Michigan State University

Turner, David (2001-2018), Emeritus Professor of New Testament; B.A. (1971), Cedarville University; M.Div. (1974), Th.M. (1976), Th.D. (1982), Grace Theological Seminary; M.Phil. (2000), Ph.D. (2009), Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion