Academic Catalog


Textbooks required for courses are available through the Slingshot Campus Store in partnership with CU. A Slingshot account is created for all new students upon enrollment. Students are initially opted into Slingshot's auto-fulfillment program with a rental preference set as the default. Course material format and order delivery method preferences can be changed in the student's Slingshot account. In addition, students' class schedules, a list of required course materials, the transaction history of bookstore charges, and any digital course materials can all be accessed from their Slingshot accounts.

All bookstore charges are posted to the student's account so that any financial aid can be directly applied to the balance due. Once you are registered for courses, you can login to your Slingshot account using your Cornerstone email address. You will need to set a password. All rented materials must be returned to the campus store at the end of each term by their due dates to avoid incurring late fees. 

The campus store is located in Warren Faber Hall.   All textbook questions should be directed to the store manager.