Academic Catalog

Statement of Faith and Lifestyle

Cornerstone Theological Seminary seeks applicants who demonstrate commitment to Christ and who affirm the foundational doctrines in the Cornerstone Confession.

Students, by virtue of their enrollment, agree to live within the framework of the school’s standards of conduct. While some may not have personal convictions concerning all of these standards, agreeing to them obligates the student to assume responsibility for honorable adherence to them while enrolled at the seminary. It should, of course, be understood that any behavior, either on campus or away, which indicates that a student has disregard for the spirit of the school’s standards would be sufficient reason to ask him/her to withdraw from the school.

Students of Cornerstone Theological Seminary agree to:

  1. Honor biblical teaching in order to maintain a right relationship with God, people and creation. Exhibit integrity in academic pursuits, professional work, personal finances and relationships.
  2. Practice discernment in the areas of media and entertainment. Avoid behaviors clearly prohibited in Scripture, including but not limited to drunkenness, immoral sexual behavior, lying and stealing.
  3. Support Cornerstone University’s commitment to maintain an alcohol-free and tobacco-free campus. This means that the consumption of alcohol or use of tobacco will be prohibited in, on and around all campus properties and at university events. Due to the public and personal health hazards posed by tobacco, students shall avoid the habitual use of tobacco.
  4. Actively participate in a church that aligns with the Cornerstone Confession.