Academic Catalog

Off-Campus Programs

Cornerstone University’s Off-Campus Study Programs provide students the opportunity to broaden and deepen their educational experience to further prepare them to impact the kingdom for Christ. Cornerstone’s commitment to and policies for off-campus programs are driven by two guiding principles:

  • Study-abroad programs that immerse students in a foreign culture are some of the most valuable, life-changing educational experiences that a student can have.
  • Cross-cultural study that occurs in a Christian context and is motivated from a Christian worldview is the most meaningful kind of semester-abroad experience. Therefore, Cornerstone University seeks to give priority in student selection to cross-cultural programs that share its Christian mission and educational perspective.

Interested students are encouraged to review the following information and consider the impact of an off-campus program on their overall educational program and make adjustments in their schedules and financial planning early on. Students should always confer with the Registrar’s Office in determining course equivalencies prior to enrollment in the program, as well as discuss with their faculty advisor how the study-abroad courses will fit into their program of study at Cornerstone.

Short-Term Study Trips

Each year, Cornerstone faculty members lead a variety of short-term study trips during Jterm or Summer term. This is a great way for students to complete a course within the core or in their program of study in a cross-cultural setting. In addition to receiving credit for the course offered, all international study trips fulfill the global studies requirement. Admission of auditing students is at the discretion of the trip leader but is not allowed to exceed the number of for-credit students. Past study trip locations have included South Africa, Ireland, Netherlands, Dubai, Ecuador, England, and many more.  Policies and an updated listing of short-term study trip options can be found on the CU website.

Semester Programs

Cornerstone University partners with many domestic and international programs to offer students a variety of semester-long opportunities to study off-campus. For Cornerstone University credit to be awarded, the program or experience must be approved in advanced by the International Programs Committee. The programs listed below have been approved by the International Programs Committee.

Semester Partner Programs: Domestic

American Studies Program (ASP) |
Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies |
Chicago Semester (CSM) |
Contemporary Music Center (CMC) |

Semester Partner Programs: International

Ecuador Semester |
EDE Christian University (The Netherlands) |
Handong Global University (South Korea)
International Business Institute (IBI) |
Italy Semester |
Jerusalem University College (JER) (American Institute of Holy Land Studies) |
Lithuania Christian College/International University |
Middle East Studies Program (MEP) |
Oxford Summer Programme (OSP) |
Scholar’s Semester in Oxford (SSO)
Semester in Spain (SIS) |
Veritas Christian Study Abroad (Brazil, Czech Republic, Chile, Costa Rica, England, France, Italy, Peru, South Africa, South Korea, Spain) |

Eligibility Requirements

All students looking to participate in an off-campus semester program must apply for approval. To be eligible to apply for an off-campus semester program, students must meet the following criteria:

  • 2.5 GPA (or higher to meet program-specific minimum GPA)
  • Good standing with Spiritual Formation and Christian Community
  • Recommended by references
  • The student must have declared a major or program
  • The student meets all financial aid requirements
  • Students must be able to use the credits from the study abroad program in their academic program prior to degree completion.

Application Deadline and Selection Process

To study off-campus at one of Cornerstone’s approved semester programs, students must complete two applications: one for the specific program to which they’re applying and one for Cornerstone University. For details regarding program-specific applications, students should consult the program’s website. The Cornerstone off-campus programs application is due the Friday before Cornerstone’s Spring Break the year prior to study. For example, if a student is hoping to study off-campus during the 2024-2025 academic year, s/he must submit the application no later than the Friday before Cornerstone’s Spring Break in 2024. The application is available to current university students on MyCU.

All students approved for study abroad by the International Programs Committee will maintain their enrollment at Cornerstone University during the semester of study. The following factors are taken into consideration when approving students for off-campus study:

  • GPA
  • Year of study/credits earned
  • Student Development conduct history
  • Prior submission of CU off-campus semester application for consideration (student not approved previously; student already participated in off-campus semester program)
  • Cost of program
  • Proposed semester of study (preference given to fall and spring semester programs; full-time summer programs only considered after spots have been awarded for fall and spring)

Financial Aid and Off-Campus Program Scholarships

All students approved to study off-campus for a semester will be able to apply all federal and state aid or loans toward their off-campus study program. All institutional aid from Cornerstone University (e.g. academic scholarships, athletic scholarships, etc.) does not apply for that semester.

Other Stipulations and Policies

  • Students attending Cornerstone University under a tuition exchange program from another college cannot carry that benefit to an off-campus program.
  • Students will pay a technology fee to Cornerstone University in addition to the study-abroad program costs.
  • Payment plans are not available for study-abroad programs. Payment in full is due by May 1 for summer programs, August 1 for fall programs, and January 1 for spring programs.
  • Employee remission may not be used to cover study-abroad programs.

For more information regarding off-campus programs, visit the CU website.