Academic Catalog

Latin (LAT)

LAT-101  ELEMENTARY LATIN I  (4 Credits)  

An introduction to Latin grammar of classical times and Roman History as the cultural context of the Latin language. The class will teach morphology, syntax, and vocabulary, so that students will be able to translate prose literature.

Prerequisite: None  
LAT-102  ELEMENTARY LATIN II  (4 Credits)  

This class is a continuation of Latin 101 with more work on grammar and vocabulary and Roman history. Students will be able to translate longer prose passages and basic poetry. Readings from selected passages of classical authors will begin.

Prerequisite: LAT-101  
LAT-201  INTERMEDIATE LATIN I  (3 Credits)  

The course studies passages from selected authors, such as Cicero, Livy, and Ovid. It reviews grammar and gives students the opportunity to focus on translation skills. Students will become familiar with the diversity of writing styles, philosophical interests, rhetorical techniques, and literary excellence of Classical Latin.

Prerequisite: LAT-102  

Readings from classical authors continue, now focused on Virgil, Quintillian, and Seneca. These studies will advance the students' appreciation of classical Latin. Selected readings from Augustine's Confessions will be offered as well.

Prerequisite: LAT-201